No Love from “The Police”

The Police - No love for DCFor us old “fuddy duddies” on DC Metblogs, some of us are more akin to liking some older musical acts than the current crop of bands. However, if one remembers correctly, if it weren’t for some of these bands, what you have on the radio now, would have never existed. I no longer listen to R.E.M. due to Michael Stipe’s disparaging comment about The Beatles (not noting ANY influence whatsoever – noting it was “elevator music”).

At least one of the bands that introduced a “sound” that has influenced multiple generation of garage band dreamers, The Police, have just announced they ARE going on tour. What’s absent from the tour list (at least for the first leg) is ANYTHING near DC. They play two shows up in NYC and one in Boston, but outside of St. Louis and Bonnaroo in Tennessee, nothing near by that isn’t sponsored by a summer road trip.

Speaking of influences, The 9:30 Clubhas a soft sale for the latest “supagroup” from Blur/Gorrilaz front-man, Damon Albarn, “The Good, The Bad, and the Queen” on March 14th. The band is made up of a venerable cavalcade of stars with a pedigree to impress, including Albarn himself, Clash bassist Paul Simonon, former Verve guitarist Simon Tong and Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen (the album was produced by former “Demon Days” producer and half of Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse). WOWZERS!

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