WMATA Deicing Equipment Details

Reading WMATA’s preparations for snow today as a die-hard transit foamer, I was captivated by the Metrorail de-icing equipment:

Passengers will see the de-icing equipment inside those 12 trains. It is neither dangerous nor flammable, and passengers should not be concerned that it is aboard their train. If they prefer not to be in a rail car with the equipment, they can move to another rail car.

Now why would anyone want to move to another car? It would be fascinating to check out Metrorail’s deicing equipment up close & personal.

I am only slightly disappointed to say that the experience was already shared by “StandingClearoftheDoors” in his I rode the Zamboni post. There, he shares his observations, the last of which might make you more apt to move to another car:

A curiosity: A yellow airline cargo net surrounds the tank and is secured to the top bar with two black shockcords. Those tanks must weigh 2000 lbs half empty, so I have no idea what the netting, shockcords or the attachment to the hand assist bars was for. If that tank wanted to start moving, the car’s bulkhead *might* slow it down.

Now if only a quick Metroblogging DC reader would take a photo of the equipment…

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