To Plow or Not to Plow?

I guess the answer is “not.” Last night I was ecstatic as I approached my home and noticed the snow plow on the next block. I could almost taste the sweetness of safe driving. However, my street was not cleared at all by this morning when I took my wife to work. All the other ones in the neighborhood are.

This is not simply because the Arlington County utility vehicles have been too tied up to get to my humble block. In fact, twice I have seen a big county truck, plow up, zoom down the street and spread sand. Granted, sand is better than nothing, but wouldn’t it be wise to use the plow first and then spread sand? I mean, if the truck is there anyway, two extra sweeps down the street would not take that much more time or effort.

So here is my official, public inquiry to Arlington County: WTF?

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