DC Glacier Receding

Washington’s very own glacier seems to be receding after having hit a high point right before this last storm. The glacier I refer to is in the eastbound lane of the E Street Expressway right under the 23rd Street NW bridge. Every day I drive my wife to work, I have to swerve to miss it, so my apologies to those of you I have inconvenienced by exercising the driving skills that were so common in Worcester, MA, where I lived for four years.

The giant mound of ice was mostly destroyed by plows coming through, and not by global warming, which was my initial thought. The giant stalactite above remains attached to the bridge and is scheduled to return dripping icy water on the highway as soon as temperatures raise just a few more degrees. Yes, the glacier will rise again.

I had hoped to get a photo of the monstrosity but have been unable to, since that would likely mean getting run over. Anybody else game for this endeavor, now that I sold it so well?

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