Taxi Zone Map: DC DDOT Dreams of Change

The Map of Our Dreams

Reading the WashPost article “A New Map for Your Cab, But It’s Still a Fare Game” by David Nakamura, you might get excited that there is a new taxi fare zone map that:

features additional streets, including North and South Capitol streets and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, and landmarks, such as Union Station, the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, to help passengers determine where they want to go and how much it would cost.

“If you’re riding in a taxi cab in the District, it is your right as a rider to have access to clear and concise map, zone and fare information,” Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) said in a statement.

The controversial zone system, however, remains unchanged, as the city still has not gone to metered fares. The boundaries of the zones also remain the same.

And so does the official taxi zone map. The DC Taxi Commission, known for its amazing flexibility and inventiveness, has to approve the new map first.

I think hell will look like our streets today before that happens, but we can always hope, pray, and wait for sanity to prevail, the sanity of meters that will never come. So while we suffer psycho taxi drivers, at least we have the reliable and interactive taxi fare calculator

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