Another Possible Pre-Protest Conversation

Well look who is dress up today. A suit and tie on a Sunday?

I have an appointment with President George W Bush.

Oh, not that again. Are you headed back down to the White House? You know you’re not changing minds with your megaphone – only annoying tourists.

“Only annoying tourists”? No, I am doing much more than that. I am exercising my Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.

But do you have to do it on a Sunday? You know the ladies at church are wondering where you are.

Well let them wonder. This is a calling as great as God’s church. I am on a misson from Jesus himself. I must speak out!

Okay, do what you have to do, but no more practicing in the back yard. The neighbours are gonna call the police the next time you start yelling at 6am.

street vendor

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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