Good Food… Great Times! (But the service?)

I just had brunch at O’Sullivan’s, an Irish bar on Washington Blvd. by the Clarendon Metro stop. The food was great and in fact my wife and I have been there twice now, both times in response to the long line at the Silver Diner across the street. Hopefully this place will make its way into our usual lineup of breakfast restaurants, even though the prices are a bit higher than I like to pay and the smokers make it a little less pleasant than it could be.

One of the big benefits to brunch at this bar is that you can enjoy a $2.50 pint of Guinness with your meal – something that at home classifies you as an alcoholic but at a bar makes you one of the locals. Unfortunately, my teaching schedule for the afternoon got in the way of me getting liquored up. Maybe next time.

The one downside I have noticed on both visits is that the service, while excellent during the meal, really falls apart when it is time to pay the bill. I give my card to the young lad and it takes forever to get it back. This is a mild annoyance but when it comes time to sign the receipt and write in a tip, you better believe the last ten minutes of waiting come into consideration.

Go check this place out. The food is really something and the menu even has such Irish favorites as bangers, rashers and black pudding, although I am not sure if this is a real black pudding or just something with the same name made for the American palate. Who thought it could ever be this good? Be prepared for some great food, great times and potentially slow service toward the end. Have another pint of Guinness and enjoy the wait.

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