Shots Fired at Union Station

Union Station Arches Why all the police cars, I wondered to myself as I emerged from the Union Station Metro last night. Someone’s gone and done something stupid. Sure enough: Teen Injured, Two Arrested In Shooting at Union Station. This report from Officer Diane Groomes on the MPD-1D mailing list:

1d units called to Union Station by Amtrak pd tonite at approximately 1800 hours – report of juveniles fighting near bakery area – the argument became physical and spilled out on 1st St NE side — the group continued to fight and gunshots rang out – one teenager struck by gunfire and taken to Hospital – officers chased subjects -so far two apprehensions and gun recovery — victim at hospital in critical condition

By the time I arrived, I’d missed the action by about an hour. According to witnesses the boy had been shot multiple times in the head, but managed to drag himself to Corner Bakery to ask for help, while the shooter and his girlfriend had run down E Street, where they were apprehended and arrested for assault. They gave their address as the shelter at 2nd and D Streets NW, which would be CCNV.

Tip to would-be gun happy perps at Union Station: Don’t. Really. It’s so heavily policed they’ll be on you before you can say Mooninite, especially at that specific corner, which almost always has a patrol car on watch to moderate the hordes of after-school teens who used to conglomerate there and occasionally harass tourists and other passers-by.

An eloquent differing view from DC CL RNR.

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