KITT Lighting for WMATA Metrobuses

WMATA isn’t restricting its new lighting schemes just to Metrorail stations.

Check out the new light strip on the S2 to Federal Triangle. Does that oscillating yellow light remind you of anyone? How about the Knight Industries Two Thousand?

Yep, KITT is now Metrobus compliant. Just don’t hope to see David Hasselhoff behind the wheel or those little flashing lights protecting pedestrians.

Whichever WMATA idiot that thinks a little yellow flashing bar will alert others to the presence of a Metrobus more than a few tons of metal, bright headlights, and squeaking breaks already do, might want to read WMATA press releases better.

It is driver error, not pedestrian cluelessness that is killing people.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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