R2D2: The Jedi Master of DC Postal Delivery

On the streets of DC we have a new protector of the US mail: R2D2.

No longer need you worry about Tusken Raiders intercepting your Christmas Cards or accessing the Cloud City mainframes while under Storm Trooper fire. R2 will protect & deliver for you. He is the USPS Jedi Master.

He does have limitations though. As much as I tried, I didn’t get a Princess Leia Organa projection, and mail delivery to Alderaan has been suspended.

Even droids have their limits.

(More R2-D2 Photos here)

Update: I went back & took more photos of the R2D2 Mailbox and check out the security bolts they are using to lock these droids down. You know they’re thinking these will be theft magnets for pesky jawas.

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