Respect. Give It. Get It.

I’m sure those of us who regularly ride the Metro have seen them: playful teenagers who engage in rough and vocal horseplay on the train after school, to the general amusement and/or dismay of passengers in the immediate vicinity. Why, just a few nights ago on the Green Line I had the privilege of watching a local whippersnapper in the full bloom of youthful vibrance, playing hip-hop ringtones on her mobile device at a formidably high and distorted level of volume, while chanting along and flailing her limbs wildly to the blare of rhythmic lyrics, all to the earnest yells and eager whoops of a trio of compatriots who had loudly sequestered a full section of the train car to stage their impromptu cultural performance, for the listening and viewing pleasure of classmates and fellow riders alike.

But worry not, ye huddled, intimidated, annoyed masses! Metro, in their infinite wisdom, have come up with a solution: Notecards! Yes, surely the “Respect, Give It, Get It” notecard campaign will inspire a disposition of silent, noble dignity among the urban youth who ride with us daily. Perhaps these written reminders will do what our own stern glares and head-shakes and occasional futile endeavors at vocal reprimand have failed to do — chastise these rough-housers into contemplative stillness.

Then Metro will be a joy to ride. Every day. All the time.


Give it.

Get it.


Update: Here’s a copy of the card itself, courtesy Metro:


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