A380 at Dulles

A380 Taking Off From JFK The Airbus A380 is visiting Dulles, and will be doing a demo flight today (Monday, March 26). Don’t expect to be able to fly with it, or visit the aircraft to see its luxurious insides, or even get a good chance to view it from the terminals, on the ground or above it. IAD’s A380 update tells us that the plane will generally be out of reach of the thronging masses:

However, the organizers of this event have not made arrangements for the general public to view the aircraft. Public areas of the airport do not offer a good view of the A380 when it is parked on the airfield. Views of the take-off and landing of the demonstration flight from public areas of the airport are also limited due to the configuration of the airfield. Dulles Airport will be operating normally throughout this event. If you come to the airport, please be mindful of passengers who will be traveling those days. Do not park in unauthorized areas, which will be patrolled by Airports Authority Police.

Any planespotters who manage to snap decent — or even indecent — shots of the superjumbo at Dulles, please do let us know in the comments, and add them to the DC Metroblogging Group. This is one planefan who’ll be waiting for those photos with baited breath. (Props go to Vidiot for his photos of the A380 visiting JFK Airport in New York.)

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