Were You Part of This Morning’s Rapture?

Only heathens need respond.

It was eerily quiet along Lee Highway this morning as I was driving my lovely wife to work. The only thing I could figure was that the rapture had come overnight and that I was not among the elect. I guess I had it coming. All the way through Rosslyn and even along the Roosevelt Bridge traffic was sparse enough for me to change lanes without slowing down. Not once did I feel compelled to do any single-fingered turn signaling.

I only hit stop-and-go traffic when I got into the District, trying to merge onto E Street, but that’s to be expected, as even an act of God could not make all those camels fit through the eye of a needle at the same time. Plus, I figure it makes sense that those who are not swept up to Heaven by the swift and merciful hand of God might as well seek refuge in an urban center such as DC.

So if you made it to Heaven, I am sure DC Metblogs would love to get a report so we can find the local angle up there. Please report as soon as you can.

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Carl Weaver is a writer and brewer for RealHomebrew.com and has been making beer and wine for more than 20 years. He is also an avid photographer and writer and just finished his first book, about a trip he took to Thailand to live in Buddhist monasteries. He considers himself the last of the Renaissance men and the luckiest darned guy in the world. Follow him on Twitter.

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