Why Did Keith A. Washington Still Have a Gun?!

innocent appraiser
Keith “I’ll Kill Ya” Washington

I cannot believe this! Keith A. Washington, the guy who shot two Marlo Furniture movers, killing Brandon D. Clark, did it again. He whipped out his police issued pistol and threatened a innocent home appraiser who knocked on his door last week.

Can we get a big “WTF!”? Why does this man still have a gun? A PG Country police issued gun no less!

Why does he have any gun on his person after the Marlo movers shooting? The guy is a crazed lunatic, a real a-hole and shouldn’t be in possession of a police issued anything, except a prison jumpsuit.

And yet here he is getting charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault and use of a handgun during a violent crime with said government gun. Oh wait, not the first gun but a second gun. From the WashPost article:

Investigators confiscated Washington’s service weapon when he was placed on administrative leave after the January shooting. At some point, under standard police practices, he was issued another weapon. A source, who requested anonymity because the case is ongoing, said investigators think the gun involved Thursday was the newly issued service weapon.

Giving a guy under investigation for a double shooting & one death with a gun, a second gun, is “standard police practice” in PG Country? Will Police Chief Melvin C. High yet again give Washington his gun and badge back even after he took them and Washington’s police powers because of this second action?

Keith A. Washington is nuts & should be allowed a water pistol, much less an actual lethal weapon. I don’t even live near PG Country and I totally agree with the still shocked appraiser:

“Considering what happened to the guys from Marlo Furniture, I felt both terrified and grateful that I wasn’t killed,” King said.

Damn straight, Mr. King. And if you’re wondering just how f**ked up the scene was for Keith A. Washington to pull a gun, check out the account published in the Post after the jump.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

The incident that triggered Washington’s arrest occurred when Kevin King, a real estate appraiser for ONCE Appraisals in the District, pulled up to Washington’s house in the 1500 block of Shellford Lane about 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

In a charging document filed with Prince George’s authorities, King said he was sitting in his vehicle, which bore his company’s name on the tailgate, when Washington pulled into his driveway. King said he noticed the car immediately because Washington almost hit his mailbox as he parked.

“He exited his car and looked at me. I waved at him to say ‘Hi,’ ” King said in the charging document.
King said Washington then let himself into the house through the front door. Moments later, King noticed Washington behind his vehicle. Washington next went to the back of his house.

King finished his paperwork, walked to the center of the street, took photos of the home and shot two more street-view photos. He then knocked on the front door. When Washington answered, he immediately became irate, King said.

“He produced a handgun at one point with the barrel facing me in a threatening and deadly manner. I began to walk backwards toward the street, explaining I was an appraiser. I showed him the appraisal order form, but he continued to threaten me,” King said.

Realizing he was at the wrong house, King said he got into his car as Washington “continued to scream and threaten” him. King drove up the street, stopped at the correct address and called 911, according to the documents.


This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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