USPS Address Change “Convenience Fee”

Are you, like me, moving across town this spring? Did you want to submit a change of address form to the Post Office, online?

Yes, I too want to avoid the hassle of a post office visit to forward my mail, but guess what happens if you aim for convenience for both the post office and you: USPS charges you $1.00 for the time-save of a website transaction.

usps moving fee

Don’t believe the “need to verify” bulls**t, plenty of companies verify without charging, or charge $0.03. This is just a way for the USPS, a cash-crunched company, to charge me to save them time and money. I find that more than a little egregious. Kinda like an ATM “convenience fee”.

I just hope this is the last move I make in a long while. That buck smarts and I already refuse to send those paper letter things anymore.

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