District of Columbia-Maryland Disunion

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Okay, what the hell is this “District of Columbia-Maryland Reunion Act“? Some crazy way to give us Congressional voting representation through congressional authority by returning us back to Maryland? And why is Wade Henderson, Executive Director of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights saying this to the House of Representatives:

As the committee is aware, the area west of the Potomac ceded to the Federal Government by Commonwealth of Virginia was returned to Virginia in 1846. The leadership conference agrees with the premise of H.R. 381, that defining a national capital service area that would be retained by the Federal Government as the District of Columbia, all Constitutional requirements for the District would be satisfied, leaving Congress free to return the remainder of Washington to the State of Maryland.

Is he trying to sell us back to Maryland? Did he ask my option or yours? Or better yet, did he ask Maryland? Guess not:

Unfortunately, there is no indication at this time that the State of Maryland or its citizens would accept the return of the District, not that I would propose it, as a District resident.

Don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be part of Maryland or Virginia. I want representation for DC as a District resident.

Or we can always be like Puerto Rico, no vote yet no Federal income tax, and everyone’s happy.

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