A Random DC Protest: Invisible Children

Did you see the earnest college students making cardboard homes on the National Mall last weekend? Did you wonder why?

Apparently, the Invisible Children campaign will end the enslavement of child soldiers in Northern Uganda by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army through awareness and aggressive campaigning of the US government.

Aggressive campaigning that requires much use of pink by kids who didn’t know basic facts about Uganda or the LRA.

Questions like “What the capitol of Uganda?” or “Who is the leader of the LRA?” were greeted with mumbles before an answer was found. “Aboke abductions” “Night Commuters” or “Yoweri Museveni” just brought on blank stares.

Before carpeting the Mall with cardboard & kids, maybe the Invisible Children campaign should start with its own, internal, awareness campaign. Making the LRA entry of Wikipedia required reading would be a decent start.

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