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Molly was the first person to take me up on the offer to promote her walk and she may be a hard act to follow! Here’s her donation link. Her story is below.

I am captain of an incredible team that, as I write this, has raised over $30,000 dollars!! Check our team website out here. Our team is called “Pink is the New Avon Walk” and we are a group of 12 walkers. We are incredibly proud of that total, and hope to raise $35,000 by this Friday – Event Eve. With checks coming in and donations being made online, we are confident that we can meet that goal! You’ll find pictures there too.

Personally, I’m walking for my Aunt and my mother. My Aunt Marlene died in January of 2004 and left behind a 12 year old son, a devoted husband, and a family that loved her more than anything. Her cancer started in her breast and then spread throughout her body. She was far too young to die when she did. My mother, Carol, is a breast cancer survivor. Her motivation and determination is what helps me get through our longer walks (18, 20 miles), and inspires me to keep on going. Especially as Mother’s Day approaches, I don’t know what I’d do without her.

I think what’s most important to remember is the fact that this cancer affects us all. Men get breast cancer. Mothers get breast cancer. Daughters get breast cancer. Grandmothers get breast cancer. Co-workers, friends, family, strangers… everyone can get breast cancer. And the one thing I’ve noticed throughout my training and fundraising is that these days, people know more than one person who has fought this disease. It’s incredibly sad, but there are so many organizations working to find a cure, especially in the Baltimore-DC area. So this walk is more important than ever.

I could go through and tell you some stories of why my fellow teammates are walking, but maybe you’d prefer to read our blog and take stories from there? Here is the blog we’ve been keeping since we signed up in February. In it, we talk about our training, our reasons for walking, fundraising… pretty much anything that’s been on our minds.

So, if your readers are interested in donating, my link is here. All donations can be made online from that link and contribute to our team goal of raising $35,000. ANY amount you can give is more than appreciated!

Help fight breast cancer and support Molly and her team here. Like Molly said, any amount is great. When you click the “click here to support me” button on that page you can opt to do any amount on a one time basis.

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