Confusing Parking Signs in Clarendon

Confusing parking sign

This sign is one of many in Clarendon, right around the Metro entrance. Am I reading this right? Is there really no parking any time except certain hours on Wednesdays for market vendors? Or is it supposed to mean no parking on Wednesdays from 12-7 except for market vendors and parking is legal the rest of the time?

I see people parking at these spots all week long, so I would guess these signs are just confusing representations of the real law. Plus, there are meters at all these spots, so it makes sense that the county would want to have the spots in use as much as possible. Does anyone know if I am right on this score? Any Arlington County parking enforcement people reading this blog who can shed some light on the subject?

Maybe it’s because my degree is in writing and editing and I have had years of training and work in picking stuff apart but the signs seem a bit nonsensical.

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