Local Message Board Madness

I’m sure that you’ve heard about the murder in Petworth two weekends ago, Cornelius Broadus was shot and killed in the 800 block Taylor Street alley about 11:50p.m. that Saturday.

And I’m sure you’ve seen the Washington Post article last weekend on neighbourhood message boards getting testy about local issues. So I bet you are wondering what the Petworth message board might have to say about the shooting. Here’s a choice post by Nathan that got everyone’s blood boiling:

Not to be callous or anything. But, this isn’t news. Who cares? I mean really. These young guys hang on the corners selling drugs into the wee hours in the morning. So what he got murdered! That’s the cost they pay to do business?

So in that sense, the world is rid of one unproductive animal. Hell, if it wasn’t against the law, I’d love to kill a couple of them myself! Petworth will be all the better with his passing. The gall of the victim to expect the police to give him cover from the robbers and killers? I say good riddance.

Let the drug dealers, robbers, and the killers have at each other. And for the lucky ones that survive, hopefully the police can take care of them. I’ll just buy more prison stock and try to recoup some of my taxes spent feeding the animals that don’t learn their lesson from this.

Before you think Petworth would stand for such a comment, know that Nathan was quickly chastised by the group with choice comments like this one from Diego:

I think most people would agree that your email comes off as a bit crazy. Threatening to kill random strangers who you perceive as being “unproductive animals” puts you at the same level as the person who pulled the trigger the other night. You sound like Cho, the VT killer.

I think you should seek counseling ASAP or move to another state where your tax money isn’t “spent feeding the animals that don’t learn the lesson from this.” I hope you never get a chance to teach anyone a lesson…

And then the debate spiraled out from there, touching on the victim’s family, police littering, and even our collective ancestry. Ah, the joys of hyper-local neighborhood listervs. What are your favorites and favorite topics of discussion?

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