DC Drivers Slacking: Only 5th Meanest

DCA Stairwell

What is up with this slacking DC drivers? The annual AutoAdvantage survey of the meanest drivers only ranks you 5th in America. Somehow Miami took the top spot.

Okay, so they have sweltering summer sun baking a mix of hot Latin blood and very loose gun laws into road-raged perfect. But that doesn’t mean DC should be so nice.

We have a suburban SUV armada, rampant snowball fights on the Beltway, and even phallic tow truck drivers. And we can do better than 5th place.

I want to feel your rage this summer, Washington DC. I wanna see fist-fights over parking spaces, gun play on the Beltway, and just to make sure Miami drops back, a good cocaine-fulled, multi-state car chase involving at least four different types of special police.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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