Did you “suit up” today on E Street?

Seen on E Street NW near 5th Street

Like my Dad used to caution me, when it’s raining, you wear a raincoat. He didn’t mean a real raincoat, of course. Southerners speak in metaphor and I knew what he meant.

Someone apparently found it necessary to don a raincoat over on E Street NW. I suppose there are less romantic places to get busy than near the homeless shelter but I certainly haven’t been forward enough to bring anyone there.

To the guy who hit it and his lucky female and/or male companion: Thank you for picking up after yourself, at least for the contents of the wrapper. Next time, though, even in the heat of the moment, in the throes of your E Street passion, please take the time to pick up the wrapper. It will show that special someone that chivalry is still alive.

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