DDOT Automated Bicycle Rental Location Survey

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Did you know that the District Department of Transportation is working with its bus shelter partners, Clear Channel Adshel, to launch an automated bicycle rental system in DC?

The first of its kind in North America, James Sebastian, Manager of Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Transportation Demand Management programs of the DDOT says this system will be similar to car sharing or airport luggage carts.

The automated bicycle rental system would allow members to swipe a card and release a bike from a kiosk. Clear Channel is operating similar systems in Europe, like this one in Barcelona. DDOT hopes to have the first few kiosks installed by the end of the summer, with all 10 in place by next summer.

Each rental kiosks holds 120 bikes, but as the bikes are rented without locks, you can only park them at other kiosks. And the kiosks require web-based registration and membership cards, so they are for locals, not tourists.

The kiosks will be located near each other, and in high traffic areas – in other words, Downtown DC, but the sites are not confirmed. They are roughly 30 feet by 6 feet and James is looking for 10 kiosk sites with lots or jobs, housing, retail, major attractions, and nearby bike facilities.

He reviewed census data, discussed locations internally and at a bicycle advisory council meeting, and has some initial ideas, and now is asking for public input from Washington area cyclists via a online survey.

I’m sure you, like I, have tons of questions about this effort, from its financial sustainability to its impact on increased bicycle traffic and traffic impacting cyclists. Then be sure to join me at the next bicycle advisory committee meeting on July 11.

James is promising more info and project details.

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