Vodka Tonic for Summer

With all due respect to WFY’s Gin & Tonic love, I have to say that the real summer drink should be a tall, cold glass of Absolute vodka with a splash of tonic and a twist of lime.

This version at Rumors, while not perfect, is perfect for me right now.

I prefer the version at Trios, there patio party time is not complete without the knock-your-socks-off straight up vodka over ice with a chaser of tonic (served in in little bottles of course).

Here, today, with the stupid hot heat, you’ll note that I am the only drunkard fool drinking outside at Rumors. But I am not the only one who prefers vodka to gin. In my company is Jenn, Max, and Jenn again.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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