Pool Party at George’s House


Those of you who have been here for a long time likely already knew this but I just discovered, via Google Maps, that there is a sizable pool in the back yard of the White House. Check it out in the picture to the right. It’s that aquamarine rectangle in the lower left.

I can just imagine some cool times there, chilling by the pool, Laura Bush with a pitcher of margaritas and George grilling up some franks and burgers on the barbecue. Yeah, Dubya, I’ll take a foot-long and a patty. No, not too well done. I like mine rare enough that a good vet might could bring it back. Boy, those would be good times.

Then in the evening, when the old folks retire to the salon to play Pictionary, watch reruns of Matlock and fight over the clicker, the Bush twins and their friends come out to play. Wild times ensue, kegs are emptied, someone gets sick and someone cries, and the party is broken up only when the neighbors complain about the noise level and the DC cops come by.

All this makes me think that maybe we should have access to the White House pool so we can all beat the heat and manage this muggy summer. Sure, it could be reserved for laps first thing in the morning and then in the mid-afternoon, just so long as the twins come out for some rollicking fun as the sun sets.

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