Love Note to Arlington Parking Enforcement

Broken Meter

Another broken meter, another broken heart. This meter has hardened its heart and refuses to take more money. We all must learn that another’s inability to receive love should not impact our ability and desire to give it, as much as it hurts to not have it returned. The love is there, regardless.

Broken – won’t take more than it arbitrarily decides on a given day. My dollars pile up as it takes a quarter here, a quarter there. The coffers of my heart overflow with love, money and sadness.

Yours always,
Money Man

To the person who left this note and parked in the spot despite the many other available spots with working meters: Did your note, detailing the sorrow you felt actually save you from getting a ticket? Please let us know because if it means saving a buck or two I can write letters like that all day long.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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