Why I like Bethesda #27: Grits and Jukeboxes at the Tastee Diner


I have been doing some work for a company in Bethesda a few days a week and have really been charmed by the downtown area around Wisconsin Ave. and Old Georgetown Road.

Tastee Diner quickly became my number one breakfast joint for the days I get there early enough to partake. This is a diner like we had in New England, complete with the charm of wood paneling and cooks who banter with the customers. Nothing fancy like the fake Arlington “diners,” whose menus are pricy and the smokers permeate the air with stench. Nope, Tastee Diner has an affordable set of offerings on the menu. It’s not always fast in delivery but it’s consistently good and has grits and jukeboxes.

Grits are almost a necessity if I am going to consistently have breakfast somewhere. Maybe it’s a holdover from my years spent in the real south but I just love grits with my eggs in the morning.

Check it out: old-school jukeboxes like we had at every truck stop when I was a kid. I wasn’t much in the mood for Elvis or The Four Tops the day I took that picture but I hope to return and jam during breakfast playing some good, old-fashioned music. Let’s face it – all music goes with grits, from opera to country to funk.

Bethesda fans out there – what are your favorite things about the town?

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