Rose Park

RosePark.jpg Running some errands which required me to walk from Georgetown to Dupont Circle and back again (because the whole Metro to Foggy Bottom to Metro Center to Dupont route is just too circuitous to bother, even without considering the walk between Georgetown and Foggy Bottom) I was pleasantly surprised to discover “Rose Park,” a path between P and M Streets that runs atop the west slope of the Rock Creek Parkway, bordered by grassy fields and playgrounds. Not only does the Rose Park path make for a pleasantly idyllic meander, I found it a startlingly quick shortcut to get between the Dupont Circle area and lower Georgetown on foot while avoiding downtown noise and traffic.

Coming from Dupont Circle, you can find the entry to Rose Park by walking west on 21st P Street NW about five blocks till you cross the bridge over the Parkway, just after Florida Ave. After crossing the onramp, the asphalted path is clearly visible cutting southwest across a flat green field.

Coming from Georgetown, you can turn left onto Rose Park from M Street NW after 28th, through the trees just short of the bridge to Downtown/Foggy Bottom.

The area on Google Maps. Rose Park is, of course, just a tiny, tiny segment of the whole Rock Creek Park experience. I invite readers to leave comments as to where else we car-less, walk-loving DC residents can go along the Park grounds for bucolic, easily reachable shortcuts and hikes.

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