Late Father’s Day Gift Idea #3: Wooden Indian & Cowboy Set

Wooden Indian For Sale DSCN3153
Wooden Cowboy For Sale DSCN3150

Okay, so not every father needs to look like a porn star or like a character from “Planet of the Apes,” but show me the man who doesn’t absolutely need a matched set of a wooden Indian and wooden cowboy. This is the pinnacle of good taste and these pieces are suitable for any office, living room or even Dad’s den, where he hides and drinks while everyone thinks he is working.

They look to be hand-carved pieces, not that I would recognize the cheaper extruded alternative by just glancing. But they appear to be high quality. You know – for a wooden Indian and wooden cowboy.

These two lovely specimens are on display at the corner of Fairmont Ave. and Norfolk Ave. in Bethesda. I am sure, with a hand truck and enough willpower, you can tote these guys back to your place via Metro in no time and get them ready to ship to Dad.

Don’t tell me Dad already has a set like this. And if he doesn’t you better act now. You have waited too long already. By now Dad knows you love Mom more.

If you want to buy these, stop by the location I mentioned above or else leave a comment and I will post the phone number to call.

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