Photography is NOT a crime

Back in mid-May I was wandering Metrorail and found a random odd device. I took this photo of it, what turned out to be a Metrorail air tester, and I was promptly stopped by a Metrorail station manager.

She asked what I was doing and when I politely explained my interest in all things mass transit, that I am a transit foamer, she laughed and let me go about my WMATA photographing ways.

Just the other day, Chip Py was not so lucky. He was harassed when trying to take photos of downtown Silver Spring. Remembering my Metrorail photography moment, I now realize how close I was to an incident and how lucky I was to be stopped by a sane Metro manager.

If you wander DC with a camera like I do, then you’ve had your share of close calls too.

And its time you share your desire to keep photographing this great city by joining Metroblogging DC in a declaration of photographic freedom, a Silver Spring Photo Walk to remind Washingtonians that photography is NOT a crime.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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