Virginians: Don’t Be A Lead Foot

If you’re fond of speeding or other traffic violations and you’re a Virginia resident, you’d best get your kicks before July 1st. According to a recent Washington Post article, not only will you be charged with the usual couple of hundred dollar ticket and fee, you’ll also be raped tagged with a “civil remedial fee” for all misdemeanor and felony traffic violations.

According to the Post:

“Say you are driving 78 mph on the Capital Beltway and a state trooper tickets you for “reckless driving — speeding 20 mph over.” You will probably be fined $200 by the judge. But then you will receive a new, additional $1,050 fine from the Old Dominion, payable in three convenient installments. So convenient that you must pay the first one immediately, at the courthouse.”

Ruh roh.

This new legislation is projected to bring in an additional $65 to $120 million to, among other things, “cover costs of snow removal, pothole repair and grass-mowing.” If that’s how much they’re paying people to mow grass, I’d gladly become the next Forest Gump.

So beware Virginians. It’s time to clean up your driving act. If you really want to speed or break some major traffic laws, get your DC resident friend to do it for you.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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