Cussing During Interviews

A coworker was recently conducting an interview and I couldn’t help overhearing the candidate using language I sure wouldn’t use when trying to make a good impression on someone. Yes, I go to an actual office a few days each week. Get off my case. It’s part of my socialization plan developed by Wayan, who thinks I should be getting some discipline and doing something with my life.

Last year I was in an interview and the person who was trying to recruit me cussed like a broke sailor at a cash-only liquor store. I was shocked but others I talked to later on seemed to take it as normal.

I know DC isn’t part of the polite South that I grew up in, but for crying out loud, shouldn’t we have some decency in formal settings? I would especially refrain from swearing during a job interview unless I really did not want the job. On the other hand, I once laughed out loud at something a prospective boss said, thinking it was so ridiculous that it must be a joke. Turned out he was just full of bad ideas.

So what’s up, DC? Is it part of the culture here to use such foul language during interviews?

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