On the All-American

So, anyone tune into WETA for the All-American at Howard? Wonkette live-blogged it: part 1, part 2 (Content warning: some unwholesome words, adult situations).

Just to be clear, Barack Obama wants you to know that he got tested with his wife, and not with Joe Biden. Also, Mike Gravel is really against the war on drugs. And Hillary thinks Tavis Smiley is funny.

But I have to say, Mike Gravel is definitely it. Don’t believe me? Watch him on YouTube. That’s the video that will rocket him to the White House. Note emphasis on ROCK. Seriously. He will rock the vote. Mike Gravel rocks. Gravel is like the Ron Paul of the Democrats. In 2006, I’m voting Mike Gravel!* I’m just wondering, was that pond in DC? If so, where in DC?

* Disclaimer: I’m not voting Mike Gravel.

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