Say No To Mosquitoes Tip #3: You Are Not Alone

The City of Falls Church has posted a number of tips on how to avoid mosquitoes and West Nile Virus. I am discussing them in a six-part series.

That’s right – in the fight against mosquitoes and West Nile Virus, you have friends in your city or county’s health department, park maintenance team and even some housing and human services agencies.

However, you are a key player in this fight. When you come across dead birds and standing water, don’t just walk by and assume someone will do something. Call it in to the health department to make sure something gets done.

If you see that pool of water or rotting bird corpse again, call again to let them know that somebody dropped the ball. And if it’s still there the next day, call again and use some colorful language like “jerkwanker” or “fucknut.” These words don’t have to have established meanings; they just have to be spoken in such a way that people understand through context what you are trying to communicate. It’s great fun!

But know that your local city and county officials are working hard and may not be able to address every concern in as timely a manner as you would like. They are on the case, but it is a team effort to get a handle on this problem.

Check in tomorrow to read about Tip #4: West Nile Is Here to Stay.

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