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We didn’t quite make it to our desired viewing point for fireworks tonight. Owing to a wait for word on whether the weather would clear up, we left home a bit late and were halfway between Farragut North and Constitution Gardens when the first blossoms colored the night sky above. At that point we were just in front of the Red Cross Building, and we found the view from the steps in front was just fine, without having to deal with crowds or security checkpoints. Even with people standing in front of us the angle was such that the fireworks were well over their heads.

Just one problem: fallout. The wind was blowing from the blast zone, so as the show went on, bits of ash and burnt paper started to fall around us, sometimes still smoldering. The smoke smell was fairly strong, too, though nothing too overpowering.

More fireworks photos here.

We opted to avoid Metro and just walk home. The crowd was a formidable crush of people around the Washington Monument, but it thinned block by block, till soon it was no more crowded than an average summer weekday. I’d love to know what Metro was like tonight after the fireworks, though. Anyone got horror stories or photos of the mob?

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