One Man’s Trash is This Man’s Trash Too

1812 harrison

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But it might be your treasure. Two air conditioners, a mismatched set of crutches, piles of ceiling tiles, twin bed headboard and footboard, a console TV, old ugly art pieces, old paint cans maybe with liquid paint still inside, a box of miscellaneous hardware, various lengths of quarter-round lumber, a couple old doors and an upholstered chair with no cushions. In the rain.

I was hoping to find one of those kid-killer refrigerators so I could snag the door for Don, but no dice on that front.

There were other things too but it all pretty much looked like it should be taken to the dump. Want to find a treasure? Check it out at 1812 N. Harrison Street in Arlington. Who knows? You might find just what you were looking for.

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