Counting the Days Until Fall

Grossly Hot!

It was 101 degrees on my drive home from work this afternoon. How lovely! It makes me want to take a long stroll down to the Mall and take in some sights. Maybe grab a bomb pop from one of the street vendors, sit on a bench, soak in some rays. In the words of Borat, “Not!”

I don’t know about you, DC, but I think this weather just plain sucks. Just ask my dog who has gone into her summer hibernation. Aren’t we supposed to be able to enjoy our summer days? Instead, I think I’ll be sitting in front of this computer or my TV until bed time. Tomorrow will be just as bad. And just when it starts to “cool off” down into the mid to high 80’s, I’ll be headed back to Tucson in time for their monsoon season (think 100+ degrees and humidity).

I just can’t win.

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