Drive defensively

In a news release that will shock no one, the State Police have announced that the speed the tractor trailer truck was traveling did not contribute to the accident we’ve discussed here in the past. Hopefully everyone reading this has gotten the lesson from their parents and/or driving instructor that being safe on the road isn’t only about not making mistakes of your own: you’ve also got to protect yourself against other people’s mistakes.

Similarly, everyone else can be doing everything right and you can make seemingly minor decisions that will get you killed. Please, when you miss that exit, just keep going and loop around. In the month since this accident happened I’ve seen at least three incidents of people slewing across several lanes to make a last-minute exit and one person backing up on the side of the highway to take an exit they drove past. I guarantee you that if you don’t want to miss that appointment by ten minutes you sure don’t want to miss it by forever.

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