Tipping Etiquette

Tip Jar, Murky Coffee
Tip jar at Murky Coffee

Let’s nail something down once and for all. I have to get this cleared up, so as to avoid future mishaps and hard feelings.

The standard tip for restaurants is something like 15%, right? I generally range from 1-20%, depending on service quality. No, I never fail to leave a tip, even for bad service. I want them to know that I did not forget and that their service is being duly rewarded with a quarter or whatever I deem appropriate.

You don’t have to do much to get a 15% tip from me. That’s like a baseline. Make pleasant banter, mostly get the order right and bring me silverware if appropriate – pretty much the basic stuff. For folks who really bust tail and do a great job, it will be higher, maybe 20 or 25%. If they don’t refill the water glasses, act surly or fail to bring the right food and act like it’s my fault, the tip might be 10% or lower.

But here is the wildcard. What do you give for people, such as the fine folks at Murky Coffee, who are always pleasant, make small talk, do a good job and then don’t kick you out for nursing a cafe au lait for two hours? $1? My au lait cost $2.45. That’s almost 41%. A 15% tip is 37 cents. That just seems cheap. Is there a standard dollar amount for counter employees versus wait staff?

So tell me, DC – how do you tip when you go to a coffee shop or other counter-based place?

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