Dear A/C, Where Can I Recycle Thee?

Being the pseudo environmentally conscious guy that I am, I replaced an antique a/c window unit in my house with a new and improved “Energy Star” compliant one because hey, that’s what Al Gore told me to do.

Now I’ve got this beast of a machine sitting in my dining room and let’s just say it isn’t very attractive. I can’t seem to find a happy home for it anywhere. I really don’t want to just take it to a dump, or as DC calls it, the “transfer center”, but after making about 6 phone calls (1-800-YES1CAN, DC Dept of Public Works and Recycling, etc) I was told that my chunk of metal and plastic has no choice.

Come on, DC. Aren’t we about 80% Democrats? Don’t Democrats usually like the environment? Where can I recycle my old a/c?

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