This Isn’t Your Father’s Grolsch Bottle

No cool lids on the Grolsch? WTF?

What happened? Was I sleeping when the terrorists invaded and replaced my swing-top Grolsch bottles with these regular ones equipped with crown caps? Was I too busy pressing my nose against the laptop trying to finish a project, or maybe I was hustling to make a buck or two? What else have I missed?

Sometimes it takes a sudden change like this for us to wake up and realize what’s really important in life. No, I don’t mean family, friends, human companionship, religion, duck pate, feeling small while looking at the stars or anything like that. I mean swing-top caps. They are a relic of a by-gone age, first abandoned with the invention of the cheaper, disposable crown cap and now gone for good, it seems.

Thanks, Grolsch, for holding on to this sign of the past for as long as you did. It was good while it lasted but nothing can go on forever.

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