Dirk Diggler Serving @ Big Hunt

dirk diggler at Big Hunt
Dirk Diggler at Big Hunt

Do you see anything odd about this bill from a night’s drinking at the Big Hunt? Like maybe our server’s name?

Yep, we had Dirk Diggler as our server.

Now it may surprise you that a famous porn star, one hung like a horse, would be waiting tables at a Dupont Circle bar. But then you don’t know “the Hunt” in Washington DC.

Famed for its beers, its know for its snuggly booths, where many of us have made out with beauties (or what looked like beauties at the time).

Last night, with five DC Metrobloggers jammed into one booth, it was sure snuggly, but wedged against Don, I wasn’t about to make out.

That was until he saw the bill.

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