July ExtravaCATza! At Fairfax County Animal Shelter

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Come to the ExtravaCATza! event.

This is the prime time to adopt a cat or kitten and to help you with that, the Fairfax County Animal Shelter is open four Sundays in July with kitties galore who need new homes. As a bonus, “The first 100 cats adopted in the month of July will receive a free spay or neuter, a potential savings of between $70 and $100.”

It’s already well into the month, so they may have adopted out the 100th cat already, but a discount castration is something you’d want to stand in line for, if you have to.

Be sure to check out the Shelter’s online animal viewing station as well. The pictures aren’t the highest quality but they are cute nonetheless. Fall in love with your new feline companion before even leaving the door. The one thing that could make this process even better is if they had home delivery and could swing by Akbar and Jeff‘s Castration Hut on the way.

Go check it out and give a little creature a new home and the warmth of your love.

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