Going Green for The Police

A Carbon Offset Voucher
A few months ago, I was complaining that DC is one of the few major US cities not to really see the likes of The Police on their tour this year. Even Baltimore snagged them, but due to the wrangling in DC about Live Earth locations, The Police were relegated to Jersey.

I got lucky, I have tickets to see them in Boston this weekend and Fenway Park. However, this is the first time I’ve flown in a while, and definitely the first time I’ve seen “carbon offsets” offered as a package addition through Orbitz. I’m not sure if this was an altruistic move on their part, or just bending to demand and public opinion, which is just simple sense for many who travel and live in Europe. For simply five and half dollars, less than the TSA / Homeland Security fees automatically tacked on to your ticket, I was able to donate a little “sumpthin’ sumpthin'” to CarbonFund.org to supposedly due something greener for the planet than my plane ride.

I like the idea, and would hope to see something come of this, at least if they plant a tree, they’re really doing something more with the money than I think the TSA is, for harassing mothers, and getting all bent out of shape over a few ounces of hand moisturizer.

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