When One “Big Bite” Is One Too Many

Big BiteNow, this is one of the times where I wished I had my camera out upon first viewing, but on my return trip (I had forgotten my building pass and wallet at home) the flash mob of painters vans, gardening and landscape trucks, and contractors pick-ups were long gone. However, the sight was one to make all the folks who get their panties in a bind over immigrant workers have a heart attack (even without the Cheez Whiz-like sauce and chili).

So what was one to behold for the small Kwik-E-Mart flash mob of, Mike Rowe’s words, “people who do the jobs that keeps civil society running“, no less than 25 vehicles in spots made for less than 10. If this same parking nightmare was to appear at say, Tysons Corner or Landmark Mall, all the business suited suburbanites and soccer moms would have toiled for hours trying to untangle who would exit first. But in this case, even those who were parked illegally on the street blocking traffic on University Boulevard in Kensington, exited in a orderly fashion in under a few minutes.

Now if only everybody was that efficient in getting their breakfast/lunch, I’d have 55 more minutes left for my lunch hour!

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