Avoid DCA to ATL Unused Icons

This image of the departure screen at Atlanta’s airport perfectly describes the DCA to ATL experience: unused icons on the desktop.

The first unused icon would be one for customer service. Delta gate agents here treat flyers like pests, quite unlike the Delta Shuttle employees.

Food would be the next unused icon because after 10pm, none is available. Nor is beer after 10.30 and when your 10.45 flight is delayed to 1.30am, you do need a beer. How late can you drink at IAD?

The last unused icon says “reality” as I just heard an announcement that the Homeland Security Theatre threat level is orange. When did the color codes have any correlation to danger? They correlate to election cycles, inversely to Presidential approval ratings.

And in case you did not get it yet, my approval rating of ATL is Zero. I miss my beloved DCA.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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