DC could learn a thing from Tijuana


I’m not sure where I came across this artist’s work, offiically, but the DC Department of Transportation (as well as other surrounding communities) could learn a thing or two about the project started in 2005 by UCSD art student, Shannon Spanhake… planting pothole gardens.

Why fill the negative space with soul sucking and uninteresting asphalt or concrete, when you can beautify the streets and provide miniature dog parks in the middle of the avenue?! It’s not a surreal as a Dali painting (I still dig the “stache”), or abstract as a Seurat scene, but it’s still a neat idea. I’ve seen impromptu road gardens when landscaping material falls off the back of a truck on the beltway, but it never lands with a nice arrangement of flowers and other foliage to accompany it.

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