Talk To Me… No, Really…

talktome_l200705181415.jpgI’ve been wanting to post about this film for a few months now, namely since seeing the trailer and also realizing it’s a film about an interesting time in DC, as well as the local celebrity that spawned it. The film is “Talk To Me” and stars Don Cheadle (“Hotel Rwanda”), Martin Sheen (“The West Wing”), and Chiwetel Ejiofor (“Serenity” and “Kinky Boots”), and is about radio personality Ralph “Petey” Greene, and ex-con and community activist who was on WOL-AM in the 1960s and 1970s. He railed against poverty and racism on his shows, and participatied in demonstrations during the height of his popularity. Even if Mr. Cheadle looks like a less exaggerated Eddie Griffin from “Undercover Brother” in makeup, it shouldn’t dull the sincerity of the performance.

The film opens this week in selected theatres around the country, and can be seen in and around DC at Regal Gallery Place and The Avalon Theatre in The District, . It truly looks like an funny, uplifting, and excellent round of performances from all the actors involved. If you want to support DC as a filmmaking location (and a source of good stories), outside of “Enemy of the State” and “Being There“, and NOT “Live Free Or Die Hard“… go see this film, plus you might learn something along the way.

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