Backed Up Like a Cheap Commode

Were you on I-95 north heading home from the beach? Were you one of the guys who blocked me from moving into the next lane? I feel I must thank you for helping me practice my patience and meditation on the long ride home from Manteo, NC.

If you were on I-95 today, you have my deepest sympathies. Traffic is bad enough on a Sunday, with yahoos like me trying to get home from a weekend trip. Add to that flash floods, hellacious rain and thunderstorms and throw in some ever-present bad drivers, and you have one heck of a drive.

If you are like me and just got home and are enjoying a nice cold homebrew, welcome back. To those of you still stuck on the highway, I feel for you. Those bad drivers are still out there, no doubt. You know that one guy who keeps honking, despite everyone being in the same traffic mess? He’s the one to run off the road if you feel the need to be aggressive. He’s the same one who blocks us from changing lanes.

Go to it. Have fun. Stay calm. Remember – each jerk on the road gives you an opportunity to practice being patient.

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