ScreenGreen 2007: Where are the Good movies?

Screen on the Green
Are you enjoying this year’s Screen on the Green movie line up? I’ve heard that “Annie Hall” was gay boys central and a few people walked out on “The Thing”.

My Betrothed Butterbean and I watched our first movie just this past Monday. “Wait Until Dark” was a great thriller if a little 1950′s. Robbers bent on killing wouldn’t even rough-up a blind Audrey Hepburn for a heroin stash, but her husband was a cold-ass, not even giving her a post-trauma hug.

At least we had good views. The chair people seem to have dissipated, or maybe we just got good seats upfront.

Next week is “All the Kings Men” followed by “Casablanca”, both which we’ve already seen. Hopefully next year HBO can come up with better movies, like maybe a fictional DC resident retrospective.

What would you suggest?

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